Solar Vegneace Version 8 for Windows Under Development

I'ts time for a new release of our classic strategy game of galactic conflict and conquest!  Solar Vengeance has undergone more incarnations than a Time Lord, from Windows to Java to iPad and now back to Windows!

I'm also bringing back one of the more intriguing aspects of the game ... the ability to program your own Computer Brains and Scenarios.  Just use the APIs to write your Brains and Scenarios, and drop the C# files in the appropriate folders.  The next time you launch Solar Vengeance, your creations will be ready to play!

But there's one big difference in this new development effort.  100% of the source code will be released as open-source.  This includes the source code for the PrismServer that can host games.  This will ensure that anyone can run a Silicon Commander Games server at any time, and the available servers will be discoverable by the game.

Use the links below to follow the progress during this exciting time for Silicon Commander Games: